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Very intuitive. Was deep where she needed to be, lighter in areas when needed as well. Definitely great use of tools and skills!! Easy to talk to and made sure I was comfortable throughout the session. I could tell she knows her muscles and was listening to them. Vanessa S.
Massage Therapist
My massage by Dorena was everything one could ask for! It was spot on for the pressure she used for me. She was considerate to my current joint/pain areas. The massage setting was very relaxing. I was able to be in my zone without worrying about holding up a conversation with her--which is very much appreciated! Thank you so much! Denise M.
Dorena was top notch! Mark T.
Dorena is absolutely phenomenal! I leave every massage feeling incredibly relaxed and rejuvenated. She not only provides high quality service, she radiates a serenity that calms my own body and mind. Serena D. Hitchcox
Social Worker
Dorena gave an excellent massage. It was like floating on a cloud while God touched me. I could get one every day! Demetrius S. Killings
Dorena is absolutely fabulous! I look forward to her services every chance I get. I feel brand new with every massage I get from her. She creates the most relaxing environment in every session that calms your mind and body almost instantly. Allison Rico
When I first walked into the massage room to get a massage my body was sore and my spirit was struggling. By the time I was done with my massage I walked out feeling rejuvenated - Body and Spirit. Calmness through all of me -- It was amazingly refreshing. At first I was nervous to have a stranger touch me, but Dorena put me at complete ease and had set up an atmosphere of complete tranquility. (I almost fell asleep by the end of it!) I can't thank Dorena enough for how amazing she is! Amy Heider
It was an awesome experience. The massage was pleasant and professional. I would recommend her to anybody in need of some relaxation. Josh West
Retail Sales
Dorena is very good at what she does. She gets me to relax as well as be comfortable. I always feel incredible afterwards. Thanks Dorena! Ally Kelly
To say Dorena is multi-faceted is an understatement! She gives 100% to everything she does. I have had the opportunity to experience her Massage and the Theta Therapy. I was amazed at how much better I felt after each session. She is an honest, loving, caring and compassionate person. Dorena is one of those people that makes your life better having met her. N. Ayers
Retired Property Manager
Dorena demonstrates patience and kindness with students and assists them in understanding the more esoteric aspects of the curriculum. Anonymous
Student - ThetaHealing Basic Course
After my first healing session with Dorena I felt better than ever and really glad we hit some core issues. The next day the scale was down 5 pounds and a week later I am still feeling lighter and freer of sugar negativity. I am grateful and blessed. Mary Leggat,
Metaphysical Counselor
What tremendous relief I feel since our Theta Healing session. The pain in my heart and the agonizing lonesome feeling have both dissipated. I soooo appreciate the relief. I also seem to have a different perspective on death. Thanks for introducing me to this process. I'll be back for more. Gale A.,
Retired Corporate Executive
Taking the Basic ThetaHealing Class was the best thing I ever did. As I started the class I was going through a lot of changes and having paralyzing anxiety attacks. Now, a week later, I haven't had a single attack. I have no anxiety. None. I am so peaceful. April Hath,
Customer Service Representative
Dorena helps me to be my best self. The Theta Healing work and inner child work have helped me reduce the fear Iíve held and to heal attachments and losses Iíve experienced. Her intuition and gentle guidance are empowering me to clear the past, live with greater clarity in the present and gives me hope for a life as my unencumbered spiritual self. Lynne Cockrum-Murphy,
You will NOT find a better motivational 'coach' or someone to help you to "improve" yourself (in many, many ways.) She puts her entire Heart and Soul into this, and she truly wants to be of service to others. We all need to 'make a living' but, believe me, Dorena is not just doing this to make money. She is a true healer whose goal in life is to help others. I know! I have had sessions with her. A session with Dorena is an amazing and life-altering experience. I am so grateful to have met her, she has added much to my life. Do yourself a favor--make an appointment with Dorena. Then you will see for yourself that all I say is true. Mary Jo Wheeler
Retired Nurse
Dorena was completely attentive and present. She gave me the best massage ever --- even better than my massage teachers. I felt totally cared for. Libby O'Meara
Teacher, Former
Massage Practitioner
Dorena is truly gifted in the healing art of massage. It was during a very long and harsh bought of chronic bronchitis and asthma that I began to see her and within a short amount of time I was able to recover completely and let go of prescribed inhalants. Her work helped to improve my circulation, strengthen my immune system, and assist in easier breathing. The physical and emotional benefits I receive after a session with Dorena are both amazing and inspiring. Amazing because it works - I never before considered massage therapy to be useful. Inspiring because of the way it works - each session creates such a strong state of relaxation and peace of mind that it stays with me long after therapy, encouraging healthier choices and a continued commitment to well-being.
Ann Marie W.
I've suffered with chronic pain for 20 years and have had body work done, but never experienced much relief. My experience with Dr. Rode was different. Her method is very effective. She was able to locate and alleviate painful trigger points I have as a result previous injuries and also took the time to explain how pain can travel and affect different areas of my body. For example, I wasn't aware that injured muscles in my neck might be contributing to the pain and numbness in my hands. I felt comfortable in her office and truly experienced much less pain and much more happiness after the therapy. The healing aspect of her work is amazing; very uplifting and therapeutic. I've recommended her to my family and friends.
Tom H.
Fork Lift Operator
Dorena is the best!
Rosario Williams
Office Assistant
I have been using Dorena's massage services for almost a year. Dorena is a gifted masseuse with a skilled and intuitive sense for her craft. I find my sessions with her both pleasurable and highly effective Sue Lewis
Santa Rosa
I have been getting massages for over 40 years from many different women and men. Then I became aware that Dorena was a masseuse and thought I would give her a try, although judging from her small size I wondered if she would be strong enough to get through my body to make it feel good. Silly me, she seems to be 100% muscle and gives the best massage I've experienced in a long time. For me the test is how I feel the next day and do I have a feeling of well being, which I have with Dorena. I have been going to her monthly for over a year and will continue to go, as she is thoughtful, efficient, uses whatever body part is needed to get out the kinks, ie hands, elbows, and lower arms and has a great laugh. She is very flexible as to talking or not, smoothing music and is in general a very educated good person who can talk on many subjects. (If you feel like talking.) Many times I feel! like I 'm getting the Zen of Massage. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a great massage or is in pain anywhere in the body. She also is very much into herbs and healing. As you can tell I like her and her methods very much.
Judith Kay
Retired, Bookkeeper
Before Dorena I never scheduled a second massage with the same person. Dawn Spagnola
Dorena has a very consistent and wise touch. She listens to my needs and she knows where and how to apply her strokes. She has certainly improved my body issues. When I visit Dorena I get a full experience. Her space is clean and welcoming. She is accommodating, considerate, and respectful of creating and maintaining a healing space. The best massage music. Diana Samour
Property Manager
It was my lucky day when I found Dorena. Her hands are magic!!!
She is eminently qualified for all the services she offers.
Carmen J. Finley, Ph.D.
Research Psychologist, Retired
I have respected and benefited from Dorena Rode's work since 1986. She is the most intelligent person I've known and gets to the root of an issue without delay and gets the job done. She couples her scholarly brilliance with a remarkable emotional intelligence. Whatever task she applies herself to she does with singular focus and presence. She facilitates one's access to their own navigational compass and helps one select an appropriate map for their life's journey.Lori Katz
Dog Trainer

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