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Chi (or Qi) is another name for "energy" and refers to the subtle energy that flows through and around us.

It is also called prana or inner winds.

Gung (or gong) simply means cultivation.

Chi Gung is, therefore, the cultivation of our subtle energy.

Our chi can become blocked or depleted and this leads to fatigue and disease. Chi gung serves to open up the channels and gateways that the energy flows through allowing the body to return to a state of balance and health.

Dragon and Tiger Chi Gung is a sophisticated medical chi gung that is suitable for any age or fitness level. Due to its ability to quickly build internal energy (chi) and balance the flow of chi through the body it is used in China for cancer treatment.

Dragon and Tiger Chi Gung consists of seven movements that are used to activate the superficial channels in the body. Once the superficial channels are open and flowing the deeper channels naturally follow the patterning and open and flow as well.

Come learn this method for relieving stress and increasing your vitality.
Dorena doing Wu Style Tai Chi

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